Farmer bulletin

Trifol Oy is looking for new contract farmers for rapeseed!

Rapeseed is an excellent choice for rotating crops due to its good nutrient utilisation and good herbicidal value. The financial return for the farmer is quite good, given the lower costs of pulp transfer and drying per hectare (see the marginal yield calculations, for example, in Luomulehti).

Contracts will be made for next year’s spring rapeseed crops and the current year autumn rapeseed crops. Trifol Oy traditionally pays farmers the best price on the market. For an up-to-date contract price, call 050 302 2942.

The order of receipt of raw material is determined by the timing of the contract. It is advisable for organic livestock farms to be in touch regarding the delivery and sufficiency of organic rapeseed. We also give good offers on organic rapeseed in store.

Contact us!