Responsible production of organic foods in Sievi

The demand for organic foods in the food industry is steadily increasing as people are paying more attention to the raw materials they consume and so are we. Therefore, we produce refined oil products such as cold pressed rapeseed oil and traditional shampoos made solely from organic, non-toxic rapeseed. The ingredients in our organic foods are 100% domestic and organically produced.

We buy our raw materials from organic farmers

Trifol Oy operates in Sievi, in Northern Ostrobothnia, but we make cultivation contracts on a nationwide level. The most important aspect for us is a commitment to organic production and ecological choices throughout the entire manufacturing process of our products.

We are a central stores supplier

We supply organic rapeseed oil and processed rapeseed oil products to retailers for resale. Trifol's own Kotipelto organic products are of high quality, pure and meticulously created products that are also suitable for persons with allergies.

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What are organic foods?

In the processing of organic foods, the principle is to produce products where production methods cause no harm to the environment or to the health and well-being of humans, plants or animals.

Organic foods are agricultural products intended for human consumption and processed products marketed as organically produced (organic). A minimum of 95% of the raw materials of the organic foods must be of organic origin.

In the manufacturing of organic food products, the permitted additives and processing aids are to be kept at a minimum.


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