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Cold pressed organic rapeseed oil from Trifol

Kotipelto organic rapeseed oil meets the needs of the most demanding consumer. It is made with a cold pressing method from environmentally friendly domestic organic rapeseed and is, therefore, an aromatic product free from pesticide residues. Rapeseed oil in a natural state has an ideal fatty acid composition and has in a number of studies been found to have excellent nutritional qualities. With high levels of plant sterols, it lowers the body's cholesterol levels and is thus among future functional foods.

Use of organic rapeseed oil in cooking

The slightly nut-flavoured organic rapeseed oil is suitable for all cooking. It is particularly suitable for frying game and other meats, pastries, salad dressings, marinades and light spreads. The amount of oil used in pastries can be as much as half of the respective butter and margarine. A dash of oil makes a difference in surprisingly many dishes to give a taste of full and soft aroma. Experimenting leads to clever combinations and recipes.

Shelf life of cold pressed oil

Due to its versatile fatty acid composition, cold pressed oil is more susceptible to oxidation than the refined conventional oil that has undergone an industrial transformation. The high antioxidant content, on the other hand, protects the oil from becoming rancid. In a cool and light-protected space such as a refrigerator or a cool room, cold pressed oil retains its properties well. The heated oil should no longer be stored for subsequent use in foods since oxidation continues in vegetable oils after heating. The oil is packed cold and in a shielding gas (nitrogen) to create a vacuum and thus prevent a flattening of the bottle.

Average nutritional content

100 g of rapeseed oil consists of:

  • calories 3804 kj/906 kcal
  • protein 0 g
  • carbohydrates 0 g
  • fat 100 g
  • of which saturated fat 6 g
  • monounsaturated 64 g
  • polyunsaturated 30 g

Cholesterol 0 mg RTL
Vitamins and precursors:
Vitamin E, 20 mg
Vitamin K 150 ug SUM

  • sitosterol 402 mg
  • campesterol 146 mg
  • stigmasterol 60 mg

Packaging: The oil is available in 0.5 litre bottles and 5 litre cans.
Manufacturer: Trifol Oy Sievi