Leijona organic shampoo

Trifol's newest product, the Leijona organic shampoo, is a product that encourages you to purchase domestically produced products in all possible ways, and thus also creates new work opportunities for the benefit of the nation and overcoming the recession. The fact that Finland is a country worthy of defence is also widely understood by the responsible consumer, defending Finnish production and hence jobs by their purchasing behaviour. If everyone would buy domestically produced products, this recession would already be a thing of the past.

Leijona organic shampoo is entirely biodegradable and additive-free

The Leijona organic shampoo is fully biodegradable and additive-free like any other Trifol washing product. Microbes disintegrate the saponified fat and use it as energy in the same way as in fat dissolving. Eventually, the compounds have decomposed into raw materials, i.e. carbon dioxide and water as well as sodium- or potassium salts, which are the nutrients of plants in the natural cycle.

The fact that the products are fragrance- and additive-free is also beneficial for nature, as these are usually harmful ingredients - unless they are naturally occurring chemicals that are broken down into raw materials in the natural cycle.

The protection of groundwater and soil becomes increasingly important, such as the protection of water and the atmosphere. This is only possible if you buy products that do not cause harm in this regard, and if regulations and agreements are made, to support a responsible development.

leijona luomusampoo

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