An organic shower shampoo - also suitable for those with allergies

The Kotipelto organic shower shampoo is well suited for the daily care of hair, hands and the entire body, as it helps maintain the natural well-being of the scalp and skin. It is traditionally made from pesticide residue-free cold pressed organic rapeseed oil with unsaturated fat which creates a soft, fragrant natural and pleasant shampoo. The organic shampoo is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product and it does not contain ingredients of animal origin, artificial preservatives, fragrances, colours or other additives.

Kotipelto organic soap for the skin and textiles

The Kotipelto organic soap is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. It is made from cold pressed pesticide residue-free organic Finnish rapeseed oil. The unsaturated fat of the rapeseed creates a soft and fragrant traditional soap. The organic soap does not contain ingredients of animal origin, artificial fragrances, colours or other additives. Our liquid soap could well be described as a universal soap suitable for a wide range of use. Carpets, nets, boats, boots, work clothes and countless other items that require washing are cleansed surprisingly easily even at low temperatures. The vegetable oil -based and non-additive soap is suitable also for bathing and the daily washing of hands and the entire body, both at home and at the summer cottage.

The birth of soap production

The first soaps were accidentally born thousands of years ago with animal fat and ashes at the bottom of a campfire reacting with rainwater during the hunting culture. This was later, during the agrarian culture, developed into a prestigious soap manufacturers' profession. The first soaps were non-additive, non-perfumed and naturally alkaline and used for both washing laundry and caring for personal hygiene until the present times. Based on user experiences from millennia, we manufacture our liquid soaps with natural ingredients such as organically produced oil, groundwater equivalent to spring water and industrially produced lye. Chemically, we are talking about the same simple process as at the beginning of times, the reaction of fatty acids with lye and water, also called saponification.

Benefits of an organic shampoo for those with allergies

The philosophy behind our products is returning to the basics that today's consumer appreciates more and more – especially those with allergies, who are the most affected by the increased use of additives. One of the causes of allergies is the exposure to diverse chemical compounds affecting our bodies both internally and externally. Through our pores, our bodies are exposed to thousands of compounds, whose interactions with all the other chemical and hormonal contaminants cause unpredictable and very individual diseases and problems, the extent of which is not yet known or understood. Chemical compounds are also used to modify detergents, their fragrance and their acidity.

Pure products and values

Our products are ideal for those with allergies and are free of any of the risks described above. They have been manufactured using modern tools and are a result of century-old traditions of simple, understandable and safe basic products for daily use. People who suffer from allergies are, in principle, respectful of their environment, and many of them are front line influencers when it comes to environmental issues. The organic and non-additive nature of our products has the same set of values that we all basically need and which those with allergies perhaps are most aware of, on a daily basis.

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